Sustainable Goals

Our Story

When we think of pollution, we think of large oil companies, carbon from coal mines and exhaust fumes from cars. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the central polluting industries in the world. Not only is clothing production harmful to our planet, but the process also kills thousands of workers each year due to horrible chemicals and toxic waste. We have been extremely mindful with utilizing more eco-friendly production methods, including low-impact dying, upcycling natural materials, and having equipment that saves mass amounts of energy.

Every product is made to the highest quality and environmental standards from start to finish. Our goal is simply to provide contemporary, versatile designs inspired by the up-cycled fabrics creating stylish, innovative and liberating clothing while respecting people and the planet. Our collections feature pure cashmere and acountable wool that are made with the gentle hand of traditional artisans ensuring no animals are harmed in the process. The Italian company we source from have on going green visionaries with their own water treatment plant, cogeneration energy plant and a fume treatment plant. They are true leaders in green industrial practices and are committed to protecting the planet. Mission Statement is making a profound impact to the principles of fair trade, covering fair wages, good working conditions and 100% transparency.


Our Mission

- To support the manufacturing partners' efforts towards economic independence, optimizing production processes by introducing cutting-edge technologies to reduce waste and polluting residuals.

 - To protect the environment and use upcycled, natural resources suitably throughout our trading and to promote environmentally responsible green visionaries to support sustainability for our future.

 - To supply customers with superior high end clothing, ensuring friendly and efficient service. Build awareness to empower customers to participate in a Fair Trade model of business based on partnership, people-centered values and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

 - To provide a supportive environment; Spread awareness among our employees and customers so they can learn and be more respectful of the environment.

 - To empower each and every woman with their personal mission statement in life. To encourage and build one another through this journey of life while being mindful of our planet.


Our Environmental Duty

 Our artisans use traditional skills that are combined with new innovative technologies to support and grow their businesses in the healthiest way possible. Our factory ensures high efficiency engines; upgraded knitting equipment and machinery, decreasing our energy consumption.

 All clothes are dyed using low impact dyes, free from harmful azo chemicals which are frequently used in clothing manufactures. We use natural materials where when possible, avoiding plastic and toxic substances.

 The factory we source from has a high-tech waste water homogenization aimed at reducing the amount of polluting agents before it is sent to the water treatment plant. This sophisticated system sorts rainwater from civil and industrial waters which has been implemented to harvest and re-use rainwater in the production process.




What are Ghost Fishing Nets?

Fishing nets that have been left or lost in the ocean by fishermen. These nets can be left tangled around sea life, marine plants or simply drifting down into sea.


Did You Know?

- 8 million tons of wastes end up in our seas every single year.

- 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned throughout the ocean.

- Concerning data shows, unless this changes, by 2050 our seas could contain more garbage than fish. We all need to come together and work on the approach of individually doing our part to better heal the planet. Discovering and supporting nature in the best way while considering the importance of our natural sources.