Our Story

Choosing the path of lowest ecological impact is pivotal to all our choices for Mission Statement. Implementing ecological practices and providing superb quality is what we see as the new luxury, not only for a longer garment life cycle but also guarantees safer products for you and the planet.
Realizing how harmful massive production in fashion can be to the world, we have chosen to source and produce with European factory partners for their superior and rigorous ecological regulations, human rights and working conditions.
We work with small family-run factories and well-loved artisans for our excellent garment make. Our fabrics are from the best manufacturers in the world with OEKO-TEX® and EU R.E.A.C.H. sustainable manufacturing and certificates.

One of the advantages of sourcing in Europe means that we can work with eco visionaries dedicated to changing the face of manufacturing forever. We are proud to be partnering with these leaders of the ever-growing sustainable fashion movement that is gathering momentum across world. 

Our Mission

- Liberate Luxury, while protecting you and the planet with sustainable manufacturing. Far too many fashion brands are seduced by huge quantities to reduce their bottom line and in some cases prefer to incinerate or send to landfill, as long as they reduce the price to the consumer. We only make what we need to lower our environmental impact and carefully select styles that support your every need in multipurpose, transformable, and thoughtful design.
- Provide a versatile new wardrobe system for women who care about the planet and where their style comes from.
- Continue working with heritage factories to bring you the best quality and prices available from well-respected, well-paid, skilled artisans.
- Create a platform of environmentally aware strong women inspired to protect
themselves and others.



Our Environmental Duty

Continue working with only eco-conscious manufacturing partners and optimizing our production processes.
Protect the environment by providing elevated quality through eco-safe suppliers
dedicated to saving water through a sophisticated system to harvest rainwater, utilized to cool down knitting machines, then used for fabric rinsing followed by heating the offices and factory floor:
STOPPING 2.265.000 kg of CObeing released
EMISSIONS ARE 10 TIMES LESS than the legal requirement
INDEPENDENTLY PRODUCED 10,608, 371 KW of energy
REDUCED THERMAL CONSUMPTION 60.44% between 2002 - 2016

Ensure that all animal welfare and quality of life are respected.

What are Ghost Fishing Nets?

Fishing nets that have been left or lost in the ocean by fishermen. These nets can be left tangled around sea life, marine plants or simply drifting down into sea.

 Did You Know?

- 8 million tons of wastes end up in our seas every single year.
- 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned throughout the ocean.

- Concerning data shows, unless this changes, by 2050 our seas could contain more garbage than fish. We all need to come together and work on the approach of individually doing our part to better heal the planet. Discovering and supporting nature in the best way while considering the importance of our natural sources.

Recycled Ghost Fishing nets 

Every year 640,000 tons of ghost nets are abandoned in our oceans endangering marine life and damaging the environment. Abandoned fishing nets can last up to 600 years and 70% of microplastic problems in the seas are fishing net related.

Mission Statement is proud to be part of the solution by creating bras from regenerated fishing net fiber. The creators of the recycled fiber, that goes into our beautiful 3D” Stretch” bras, have invented a system using a renewable energy-driven process that uses heat and steam to break down the nets and regenerate them into recycled nylon with no use of chemicals. This means we can use a fiber with 90% less global warming impact compared to traditional materials.... and we get to save millions of marine souls while we’re at it.



- Made in Italy, high quality and small quantities. Our suppliers believe in the welfare of the animals and their shepherds as well as the protection of the Inner Mongolia territory and we agree. Our cashmere is harvested from small herds where the cashmere goats graze freely in the surrounding territory and only in March after the goats have molted in Spring are they combed and the cashmere “clouds” collected. Then it is sent to Italy for spinning and dying, all safe for the animals, you, and the environment.


Mission Statement's down suppliers are part of the EDFA (European Down Feather Association) traceable, safe, and certified. All their products feature the NOMITE® label, so they are usable for allergy sufferers. Animal welfare, responsible sourcing, and controlled supply chains are guaranteed through authoritative certifications such as DOWNPASS and RDS  - the certifications of respect and protection afforded to animals healthily bred in their natural habitats.
Continued dedication and expanded research and use of innovative fabrics made from pre and post-consumer waste materials.