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Vice Versa Long Sleeve Sweater



Relaxed and luxurious, the Vice Versa Long Sleeve Sweater is made from our Ambient Cirrus 100% Italian cashmere. The gossamer, fine gauge sweater looks just as elegant and feels superb regardless of which way you wear it, as top and bottom are interchangeable. Choose either a naturally draped cowl neck and scoop hem for coverage in the back, or flip for a shorter fit and more ample neck that doubles as a hood.


  • Ambient Cirrus (100% Cashmere)
  • Ultra light with natural body temperature regulation
  • Breathable
  • Hand washable
  • Masterfully Created in Italy


  • Delicate and drapey for the ultimate effortless-chic silhouette
  • Fine cashmere works perfectly for layering, and the loose tunic goes on any way for a shorter or longer length and neck
  • The engineered sleeve seam, centered at the back of the arm is for balance whichever way up you choose to wear
  • Fully Fashioned for precision fit

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