Hilary Swank


Dear Friends, 

In a world where women are often objectified and trivialized, we feel the need to look a certain way to be loved or act a certain way to be successful. Simply by nature, we are nurturers which can sometimes take us off the path to doing what’s best for ourselves. Taking care of others is often mistaken for fulfillment within our own lives. As much as I want to care for the loved ones in my life, I want to remember to nurture myself through this journey as well. To know and deeply understand what I’m here to do in this beautiful but short life. What's my highest purpose? What's my mission? How do I continue to discover that and take action every day towards that mission? I want to make a choice every single day to step into my fullest potential, to not leave any stone unturned on my journey of discovery.

That brings me to the collection. As part of my design process, I wanted to create elegant clothes that embody and nurture that higher purpose: clothes that allow you to find that perfect balance of movement while working out, in the office, resting or playing. I couldn’t find the pieces that served me in all facets of my life, so I designed it. I wanted the clothes to not only function well but also reflect the way I want to feel in my day to day life…to merge high-performance and high-fashion.

My brand and vision is about connecting with ourselves but also knowing we're not alone in our journey because others have and are experiencing similar challenges in their journey. We’re here to support each other and recognize that we’re all a work in progress, a global movement of support and community. This awareness leads me to connect to people who have persevered in their own stories, inspires me to wake up every day and work harder, do better, be more present, and show up.

We have one life so let's live it to its fullest, whatever that means for each and everyone of us. The world wouldn't be the same without your unique gift. Figure out what that is for you and live it. Make a choice. Make it happen.

What’s Your Mission Statement?

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